My personal quick reference for the Munchkin board game.
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When you can..

  • At any time:
    • Discard a Race or Class
    • Apply a curse or one-shot item
  • When player is not in combat:
    • Equip or unequip carried items
    • Trade or steal carried items
    • Play any card you’ve just received
  • During your turn
    • Play a new Race, Class, or Item from hand
    • Sell items for levels (outside of combat)

Card states

  • Cards in your hand are out of play, and function only as cards (i.e. “Any armor” doesn’t apply to armor cards in your hand)
  • Cards in play are carried (whether equipped or unequipped)
  • Any item can be carried (except multiple Big items)
  • Only carried items can be traded or given away


  • You keep your current race, class, and persistent curses
  • Your hand is turned up, and other players each choose one (from highest level). The rest are discarded.
  • When next player’s turn starts, you’re alive and level 1, but with no cards
  • On your next turn you draw 4/4 and play normally

Other miscellaneous rules

  • Undead monsters can be added to other undead monsters in combat without a Wandering Monster card
  • If a curse could affect any of several items, the victim chooses
  • “Item” means anything with a value (including “no value”)
  • Cheat! card just makes an item equppable. It still retains all relevant properties (Big, two-handed, etc.)

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