Dark Souls

My personal quick reference for the Dark Souls board game.
Other references are here.


  1. Sparks start at (6 - num players)
  2. Soul costs: Item = 1, Luck = 1, stats = 2/4/8
  3. Armor upgrades can swap, weapon upgrades permanent
  4. Winning a room: 2 souls/char
  5. Miniboss win: 1 soul/char/spark + free bonfire
  6. Death: souls go on dead character’s node, must bonfire.


  1. Players start on any node adjacent to door
  2. Party chooses which player starts with aggro token
  3. No choice of which player activates first (except first room)
  4. Barrels break for 1 stamina. Chest = 2 items after fight
  5. Traps go on every empty node not adjacent to a door
  6. Trap damage can be dodged but not blocked
  7. Barrels and traps reset, chests open once only.


  1. Aggro token moves at activation start (when you clear 2 stamina)
  2. Luck rerolls ONE die (of any kind)
  3. Estus only during activation, but any time therein


  1. Move+push: pushes off start node and each node moved onto
  2. Move+push+damage: only hits nodes moved onto
  3. Attack+push: push affects anyone hit (if not dodged)
  4. Node limit takes effect as node is entered, before attacks &c.
  5. Non-boss pushes go to any adjacent node farther from attacker


  1. Peek at one boss card per cleared gravestone, before shuffling
  2. Boss push move: push -> face target/node -> move -> push
  3. Player on boss node must be fully inside an arc
  4. Moving on or off boss node (even by push) maintains current arc
  5. Boss push into wall: go to any adjacent node touching the wall
  6. Range 0 attacks mean player must be on boss node in an arc
  7. Weak arc: +1 black die. Other arcs have no effect on boss defense
  8. Heat up adds 1 card and shuffles boss deck

Item cards:

  1. Item deck starts with all cards that don’t have a colored mark
  2. Boss items (orange mark) go to inventory after killing boss
  3. After miniboss: transposed (blue) + 5 legendary (orange box) shuffled into item deck
  4. Embers: damage > 3 reduced by 1, cleared on encounter loss


  1. Black: 011122 = 1 1/6
  2. Blue : 112223 = 1 5/6
  3. Orange: 122334 = 2 1/2
  4. Dodge = 50/50

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