This is the blog of Andy Hall, a developer in Tokyo and sometime technical evangelist. Things I’ve been doing for Quite A Long Time Indeed include: playing video games, writing HTML and Javascript, living in Japan, using Flash, and making games (in approximately that order). I like jazz and whiskey and I speak Japanese passably.

I have given many talks at events and whatnot, and am usually happy to give more. If you need bio information, feel free to use the photo at right and the text below:

Andy Hall is a developer and sometime evangelist in Tokyo, focused on gaming and web standards. He’s been making web stuff since the 90s and spent eight years at Adobe Japan. He’s mainly interested in places where code and art overlap. He speaks at conferences and meetups, blogs at aphall.com and tweets as @fenomas.




aphall.com でブログを書き、@fenomasで呟きます。


Favorite cult movie: Strange Days
Favorite cult book: Foucault’s Pendulum
Favorite cult game: The Fool’s Errand