New Features in Adobe Scout CC

The first update to Adobe Scout is coming soon, so I made a quick video tutorial explaining the main new features (memory allocation tracking and search). Enjoy!

New Features in Adobe Scout CC

Incidentally this is my first video tutorial, and I’m not 100% sold on whether video tutorials are more or less convenient (for you) than regular blog posts. If you have any comments let me know!

9 thoughts on “New Features in Adobe Scout CC”

    1. Yep, what basically happens is that Flash sends Scout the whole call stack about once per millisecond and Scout infers how long each function took, so it’s a little approximate but if you select a lot of frames you get very reliable data. I wrote some more details a couple of blog posts back if you’re interested!

  1. Hello :) Imho, for non-english users – it’s more simple to read anounces (maybe it can be short abstract to video) and after – view video (if any) as additional info

  2. That is great i think i would also prefere normal blog post over video, is there any prerelease program where we can try scout cc ? :)

    1. Thanks for the feedback bartek, maybe next time I’ll do a brief writeup together with the video.

      As for prereleases, we don’t have one right now, sorry! My guess is that after a while we’ll probably start doing a “beta channel” for some of the CC tools, so everyone can choose whether to use the release or beta branch, but nothing like that is going yet.

  3. I don’t like video tuts. Since they are not searchable, it’s to time consuming for me to find the answers i’m looking for.

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